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3 Tips for Selling your home in a Down Market

Whether a market is “down,” depends on which side you’re on. A down market for buyers occurs when there are few homes for sale and lots of competition from other buyers.

For sellers, it’s the opposite -- lots of homes for sale and few buyers in the market.

So, how does a homeowner sell a home that isn’t particularly the belle of the local real estate ball while competing with other sellers? ...

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4 Steps to Pricing your Home

For experienced real estate professionals, determining an accurate list price for a home is all in a day’s work. We can remember, however, when we were consumers like you and how confusing so many aspects of real estate are. Home value is one...

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Your Moving Checklist

The following checklist is pertinent to domestic moves only. Moving abroad requires an entirely different set of tasks. Feel free to adjust the timelines according to how busy your life is. You may need to complete some of the tasks earlier.


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Redecorate the Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home in the near future, updating your kitchen can make the whole house feel like new. Now, we aren’t recommending a complete remodel (unless of course you have the budget for that), but freshenin...

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Update your Bathroom this Weekend

It’s a well-known fact that attractive, functional bathrooms help sell homes. If yours can use some updates but you don’t have room in the budget to hire a professional, we have some tips for you. Not only are these fixes inexpensive but yo...

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What is a Buyers Market

The media loves to make predictions about the housing market. At the first sign of bulging inventories or falling prices, they’ll happily holler that we’re in a buyer’s market. Unfortunately, journalists are usually late to the party, her...

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