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Why Buy an Urban Condo?

Twenty five years ago Phoenix was all about suburbia and the thousands of stucco and tile roofed homes that offered very little architectural variety or style. There was virtually nothing else.

People commute long distances every day to work. Heck, State Route 51, 101 and 202 were either just being constructed or in the planning stages. There were very few options other than commuting. The “urban core” of Downtown Phoenix was in mothballs with little hope of change.

People drove long distances to work, for fun and for errands and when they got home exhausted and burned out from driving, they clicked the garage door remote, entered their home and were not seen again until it was time to hit the road again.

There was very little if any neighborhood interaction except in a few cozy neighborhoods.

This was old Phoenix. It was remote. It was car dependent. It was bad architecture. It was blah.

But Then Urban Condo Projects Were Built

Urban living in the Valley is the polar opposite.

Urban living comprises cool high rise condo flats, multi story loft style townhomes, brownstones, row homes, cool architecture, pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, people friendly communities.

People who live in high rise condos in Phoenix know their neighbors. They walk to the local bar. They bike to restaurants. They light rail to events in downtown Phoenix or Tempe.

They get out of their homes and live life.

Urban Is Social

World travelers who see Phoenix urban condos say, “These remind me of Europe.” They are vertical and cool and close to things.

These people get it. They want to walk instead of drive. They want to bike instead of commute. They prefer mom and pops over big box shopping malls. They dig eclectic restaurants, boutiques, pubs and diverse people.

Urban is where it’s at.

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